Neighbor Power Indy (NPI) Request for Videos or In-Person Workshops

Theme: Great Communities: It Begins with Us

About Neighbor Power Indy
Neighbor Power Indy will focus on sharing stories, exploring new ideas and celebrating wins. NPI 2024 will take place March 1st-9th, 2024. Neighbor Power videos will be prerecorded and highlighted during these dates. On Saturday, March 9th, we will come together for a full day in-person conference where neighbors will present workshops.

We are seeking neighbors and organizations like you to share your accomplishments. We need your help to inspire and empower others with your stories.

Why Should I Share?

  • A description of your presentation will be included in Neighbor Power Indy materials.
  • You will be part of an impactful event attended by over 300 neighborhood residents, community group leaders, business owners, representatives of local nonprofits, corporate and philanthropic partners, and government officials.
  • Your video will be recorded and shared on INRC’s webpage and YouTube channel, which will allow you to use it for other opportunities.
  • You will have a great opportunity to engage with neighbors through open dialogue and idea exchange.

What Should I Share?
This year’s theme is: Great Communities: It Begins with Us
The Neighbor Power Indy programming committee encourages presenters to share their experiences on the following suggested topics:

  • Neighborhood engagement and events\
  • Support of local businesses in your neighborhood and embracing diverse retail establishments
  • Keeping youth active and involved
  • Engaging new leaders
  • The power of informal associations
  • Discussing and promoting diversity
  • Changing your neighborhood events
  • Public art
  • Public safety
  • New traditions
  • Any other powerful story that you and your neighbors want to share

How Will It Work? This year you have two options:

  1. Submit a video to be shared March 1 – 9, 2024. Presenters will have the opportunity to tell their stories in a pre-recorded video. The video can be as short as needed, but no more than 30 minutes. (This is a good option if you want to share the work you have done.)
    Submit an idea for a workshop to present live. Presenters will have the opportunity to tell their stories at Neighbor Power Indy on March 9, 2024. The workshops/discussions are scheduled to last 50 minutes. Each presenter will share their accomplishments, allowing time for questions and discussion. (This is a good option if you want to teach
    others how to do something similar.)
  2. We encourage you to collaborate with others. For example, if you worked with a not-for-profit organization, they may have valuable information to share with neighbors; you may want to collaborate with them as you plan your video.

If we receive proposals that are very similar or for the same geographic area, Neighbor Power Indy committee members may introduce you to other partners to consider collaboration.

What Does Neighbor Power Indy Expect From You?
1. Attend a free storytelling workshop in January 2024. This training will help you prepare for your video or in-person workshop.
2. Submit your recorded video or your in-person agenda and presentation by February 12, 2024. (Presenters will be given a folder to upload their videos/presentation slides.)
3. Promote NPI 2024 to your networks.

Proposal Outline
Video/In-Person Workshop Information:
Is your proposal for a pre-recorded video or an in-person workshop?
Video/Workshop Title
Presenter Name(s)
Video/Workshop Description (Max. 300 words)

Contact Information:
Address, City, State, Zip
Email Address

Proposals must be received by 5:00 p.m., Monday, December 4th, 2023, and can be submitted here.

Important Dates
December 4, 2023: Proposal Submissions Due
December 15, 2023: Presenters Finalized and Notified
January 16, 2024: Free Storytelling Training for Presenters
February 12, 2024: Videos and Presentations Due
March 1-9, 2024: Neighbor Power Indy Videos Shared
March 9, 2024: Neighbor Power Indy In-Person Conference