Eligibility for Neighborhood Grants Program

To be considered for a Project grant, an applicant must be Registered Neighborhood Organization “RNOs” (through the Department of Metropolitan Development’s RNO Portal), in addition to the following requirements:

  • A representative from each project applicant must attend one online workshop on March 19th or April 5th 2024;
  • Be located within Marion County, Indiana;
  • Be located within Qualified Census Tracts (“QCT”) or within a ZIP Code with a COVID-19 Impact Score greater than zero (see SAVI’s COVID-19 Impact Score)
  • Be (or partner with) a recognized 501(c)(3) organization that can serve as a fiscal agent* to accept grant funds;
  • Grant funds must be used on an eligible project within one (1) year of award notification;
  • Only one application per Registered Neighborhood Organization per round is eligible to apply without an approved waiver

*The Neighborhood Grants Program is designed to fund neighborhood projects. We strongly discourage paying fiscal agent fees with awarded Neighborhood Grant Program funds. If grantees anticipate an issue with locating a fiscal agent, please reach out to INRC at grants@inrc.org to discuss. If a fiscal agent’s fees are determined to be necessary for a project to proceed, no more than $250, or 2.5% of the grant award, whichever is less, may be spent on fiscal agent fees.   

Awards will not be made to government agencies, citywide organizations, universities, hospitals, non-local organizations, and projects outside of eligible QCT or ZIP Code without a COVID-19 Impact Score.