INRC is hiring for a Public Allies Program Manager position!

Public Allies is an AmeriCorps and leadership development program that annually engages 20 emerging leaders from diverse backgrounds, supporting the development of their strengths and challenging them to be open to feedback and growth during the 10-month (September-June) program. The Public Allies Indianapolis program connects Allies with a full-time apprenticeship with a nonprofit, school, or government agency, supporting these partner organizations in capacity development. In addition, we provide weekly leadership development training delivered by community leaders, and support Allies in completing Team Service Projects.

About the role:
The Program Manager is key to building a community of diverse leaders who utilize an asset-based and equity approach to engaging in their work. Through organization and accountability, this role supports the management and development of Allies and is a lead in facilitating the Ally experience, including trainings, retreats, Team Service Projects, and Pathways activities.

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