Neighbor Power Indy Greatriarchs

The Harrison Center has defined a Greatriarch as a member of the community who has helped write the story of the neighborhood. This could be someone who sits on their porch every day and waves to their neighbors, someone who helps to raise the kids of the neighborhood, someone who pastors a church, has lived there for an extended amount of time, etc. Greatriarchs are in every neighborhood.

On March 9, 2024, we honored two Neighbor Power Indy Greatriarchs:

Ivan B. Holder

Ivan B. Holder is from the Bellaire Neighborhood, on the northwest side of Indianapolis. Ivan founded the Bellaire Neighborhood Association in response to the decline he noticed in the neighborhood in 2021. Starting an association during the pandemic was not easy, but he persevered and the association has grown and has been able to address neighborhood issues.

Fr. Stevan Bauman 

Neighbors routinely look to Fr. Stevan for support, help, guidance, and for vibrant tales of the Herron-Morton Place neighborhood. When he retired as pastor of Joy of All Who Sorrow Church, he continued his service to the neighborhood (and many local and national organizations). He was Secretary to the Herron Morton Board, writing the story of the neighborhood, with wit, clarity, and perception.

Neighbor Power Indy 2023 Greatriarchs:

Cynthia Rascoe
Cynthia is from the Riverside neighborhood and was nominated by Renee Davis. Renee nominated Cynthia as she has been a blessing and asset to her community for nearly 80 years. Cynthia is a lifetime Riverside resident that has dedicated her life to uplifting others, providing a safe space for children, and beautifying the neighborhood.

Eleyes Reeves
Eleyes is from the Martindale- Brightwood Community and was nominated by Cierra Johnson. Cierra nominated Miss. Eleyes Reeves as she truly embodies the spirit of the Greatriarchs. She is an artist, playwright, business owner and a point of connection in her community. Known as “the pink bike lady of Indianapolis’ ‘. You can see her riding through the neighborhood to attend a class at the Harrison Center or do her shopping at the local Kroger.

Neighbor Power Indy 2022 Greatriarchs:

Judith Essex
Judith Essex is from the Old Southside and she was nominated by Jed Fuller. Jed Nominated Judith for the 10 plus years of hard work in growing partnerships, encouraging investment, and increasing neighborhood engagement and leadership in the Old Southside community. Judith is a force yet leads with kindness.

JoAnna LeNoir
JoAnna is from the Martindale- Brightwood Community and was nominated by Moriah Miller. Moriah nominated JoAnna long standing rich history in Martindale-Brightwood. JoAnna is a fixture of the community and still lives in the house her family moved into on what they call “Freedom Day” many years ago. She continues to include her community in this celebration and has shared her incredible story in the short film “Rasheeda’s Freedom Day” and at storytelling events.

Kim Boyd
Kim was nominated by Brennan Edwards. Brennan nominated Kim being a force of community connections for decades. The effort and kindness she has established takes the primary form of the H.O.P.E. Team Association, which is a hub of so many different leaders and members of the community that all desire to make Indianapolis a better place. Kim’s community work has a large ripple effect and definitely helps build a better future for Indianapolis.