Neighbor Power Indy (NPI) 2024

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Theme: Great Communities: It Begins with Us

About Neighbor Power Indy
Neighbor Power Indy focused on sharing stories, exploring new ideas and celebrating wins. NPI 2024 took place on March 1st-9th, 2024. Neighbor Power videos were prerecorded and highlighted during these dates. On Saturday, March 9th, we came together for a full day in-person conference where neighbors presented workshops on various community topics.

Neighbor Power Indy (NPI) 2023

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Theme: Neighborhoods in Action: The Power of Community

Neighbor Power Indy was a hybrid event in 2023. We focused on sharing stories, exploring new ideas, and celebrating accomplishments. NPI 2023 took place March 1st-11th, 2023.

Click here to view the 2023 Neighbor Power Indy videos presented by neighbors.

Click here to view the March 11, 2023 Neighbor Power Indy closing event.

Neighbor Power Indy 2022

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The Neighbor Power Indy 2022 theme was

Celebrating our Resilient Neighborhoods:

Moving Forward to the New Normal

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