Indy Rising Leaders



In 2022, Neighbor Power Indy began recognizing Indianapolis’s Rising Leaders. A Rising Leader is someone who is actively engaged in their community, communicating with and including other members. The individual could be someone whose reputation in the community has become so well-known that many neighbors know they can rely on them.

In 2023, we honored the following two Rising Leaders”

Telisa Lloyd
Telisa serves the Near West Neighborhoods and was nominated by both Jama Bennet and Carlena Moses. Jama and Carlena nominated Telisa for her work as she has been putting in great effort to facilitate collaborative efforts amongst members of the Near West community. Her efforts have strengthened the bonds in the neighborhoods, created space for leadership, and bridged the gap between residents and community partners.

Leslie Schulte
Leslie was nominated by Beth Riedeman, a fellow neighbor with the Community Heights Neighborhood Organization. Leslie spearheaded the installation of two murals in the right-of-way at Anna Brochhausen Elementary School. The installations and ribbon-cutting brought together over 300 neighbors, students, and their families. The murals were used to demonstrate the organization’s capacity for right-of-way projects and were instrumental in the neighborhood receiving its first Indianapolis Foundation grant.

In 2022, we recognized the contributions of the following Rising Leaders:

Jerrel Knowles
Jerrel is from Pike township and was nominated by Karma Chappell. Karma nominated Jerrel as she is a newer transplant into the Indianapolis community, as Jerrel moved to Indy in 2014. Jerrel has worked as an educated for several years. It is obvious that Jerrel has made a positive impact on her students, as they are quick to celebrate her when running into her at the grocery story, YMCA or even in the apartment complex. At Eagle Creek Church of Christ, Jerrel volunteers at the food pantry, even after a long week of work. Jerrel is known for saying, “Love thy neighbor as you love thyself” period.

TyShawn Lombardi
TyShawn was nominated by LaShauna Triplett. LaShauna nominated TyShawn for work on making a difference in his community even at a young age. TaShawn is a Jr in high school and when he has free time is a Jr Youth Leader at Mackida Loveal & Trip Mentoring program. TyShawn does community outreach what includes feeding his neighbors by delivering food to the elderly residence or cutting grass in the summer. Tyshawn has also spent his summer reading to elementary students and helped pass our books with MLT’s summer literacy program.

Justin Winkle
Justin lives on the Far East Side, and was nominated by Jamarro Johnson. Jamarro nominated Justin for his intentional work to connect with residents and his ability to amplify his neighbor’s voices. Justin is the Vice President of the Far East Side Community Council and does a lot of the “behind the scene” work. Justin is known for asking hard questions that help get more people at the table.