Neighborhood Grant Application

Applicants may request grants from $2,500 to $15,000. Applicants must provide proper documentation of project expenditures greater than or equal to the amount requested. Please review the timeline and eligibility for this grants program, as well as the following FAQs:

  • No matching funds are required
  • Funds are paid upfront following contract execution, but receipts must be submitted; any unused or undocumented funds must be returned
  • A fiscal agent can support more than one application. Fiscal agents should note, these grant funds are federal funds.
  • Award of grant funds does NOT mean approval of permits, variances, etc. from the City or any other required entity
  • Funds cannot be used for alley repair. Click here for more information on DPW’s Neighborhood Infrastructure Partnership (NIP).


You must complete this application in one sitting; there is NOT an option to save your work.

There are 4 parts to your application: 

  1. Applicant and project information
  2. Application Narrative Form
  3. Review Attachment A, Project Program Grantee Certification, and Attachment C, Unallowable Costs and Project Certification. The project lead and fiscal contact must review and confirm agreement with both documents on the application form.
  4. Project budget. Upload the project budget in the application. Click here for a blank budget form and a sample budget form.
  5. (optional) Additional Documentation: You may upload up to 3 documents of additional information (estimates, letters of support or partnership, etc.).