January 17, 2024

Neighbor Power Indy Spotlight – Heather Keeney



By Danae Freeman, Engagement Manager 

As we approach Neighbor Power Indy 2024: Great Communities: It Begins with Us happening March 1st-9th we wanted to reflect on empowering stories and experiences from last year’s event. We asked Heather Keeney, a Neighbor Power Indy video-creator and panelist about her thoughts on being an active participant representing Emerson Heights Community Organization and what she’d like others to know.

Please read an interview we did with Heather below to learn more!

Was 2023 your first time going to or participating in Neighbor Power Indy? If so, what were your impressions? 

Yes, 2023 marked my first experience with Neighbor Power Indy, and I must say, it was a holistic immersion into community collaboration and empowerment. The event helped me see the true essence of unity, innovation, and the remarkable potential of collective action within our neighborhoods. I loved hearing about all the imaginative ways Indianapolis neighborhoods were able to shine!

 What was it like being a part of the panel? What was discussed? 

Being part of the panel was an experience with many lessons I was able to take away. We delved into a wide array of topics, from the significance of community engagement to actionable strategies for fostering stronger neighborhood bonds. We discussed multiple roles of collaboration, shared inspiring success stories, and explored innovative approaches to address local challenges. Overall, it was an eye-opening and insightful conversation that highlighted the power of collective wisdom and shared experiences. I was especially glad to be on stage with an individual who I felt was a strong leader herself who was knowledgeable and this balanced my limited experience. We were able to share two viewpoints but the same goal in mind, mine being more entry-level.

Did you work on the video for Neighbor Power Indy? If so, what role did you play in the creation of the video for Neighbor Power Indy? What was something significant you took away from that experience? 

Yes, I had the privilege of contributing to the creation of the video for Neighbor Power Indy. My role involved conceptualizing the storyline, conducting interviews with community members, and piecing together the narrative that showcased the impactful stories of local engagement and empowerment. Initially, I had feelings of appreciation but felt INRC was very supportive as the process was underway. One significant takeaway from this experience was having a better understanding of storytelling in inspiring and mobilizing communities toward positive change. It was my first time crafting a video to share the neighborhood voices and the outcome was truly enjoyable. I went away feeling proud of my contribution and it made me look closer into how engaging comes in many shapes and sizes.

If you could share one thing about what you’d like others to know about Neighbor Power Indy what would it be? 

If there’s one aspect to highlight about Neighbor Power Indy, it’s the ability to be part of a collective community of other like-minded individuals. This event not only celebrates the strength of unity within neighborhoods but also highlights the incredible impact neighborhoods can have when they come together with a shared vision and purpose. It’s a testament to the positive changes that can occur when communities put together their time, energy, and creativity for the betterment of all.

Watch Emerson Heights Community Organization’s 2023 Neighbor Power Indy video here!

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