February 15, 2024

We Will Miss You Sharon Logan, Neighborhood Services Director!



By Danae Freeman, Engagement Manager 

Sharon Logan, INRC’s Neighborhood Services Director is departing from INRC after over 10 years at the organization. She joined in 2012 and has been in two different leadership roles – first as a Public Allies Indianapolis Program Manager until 2021 then became INRC’s Training Director/Neighborhood Services Director.

She has been a fantastic mentor and supervisor to many through the years. Although this shift in the organization will be difficult, our staff is grateful to have had her unwavering leadership over the years and look forward to seeing the impact she’ll continue to make in Indianapolis.

We asked Sharon about her experiences working at INRC and what she’s taken away from the organization as she transitions to a new role.

How long have you been at INRC, and can you tell us a little bit about your roles through the years? What did you learn about yourself in each role?

I was first introduced to INRC in 2009, but I did not join the team until September 2012 (11 years!) I first came on the team as a Public Allies Program Manager. I served as the PM for Public Allies from 2012-2021. In the Fall of 2021, I joined the Neighborhood Services side of INRC as the Training Director. In 2023, my role shifted a little with a new vision for the NS Team, as I became the Director of Neighborhood Services. Since 2022, I have worked a lot with the Neighborhood Grant Program while still leading the charge for Neighbor Power Indy, Indianapolis Community Building Institute, and Jubilee. In 2023, INRC brought on two new staff, Danae Freeman, Engagement Manager, and Terry Brooks Allen, Training Manager. I had the pleasure of leading this small but mighty team! Over the last 11 years, I have learned so much about myself, my leadership style, and my capabilities. INRC staff saw my non-traditional assets back in 2009 when I applied to be a Public Ally and then again in 2012 when I applied to be a Program Manager. I owe a lot of my professional trajectory to INRC.

What made you want to work at INRC?

I always knew I had a strong work ethic, and I could do great things if someone or someplace would take a chance on me. INRC helped me see how much I love Indianapolis (especially the east side) and it always felt like home.

Can you tell me about a favorite memory of working at INRC?

I have so many favorite memories, but the theme of them all are around working with passionate neighbors and staff while having fun and doing hard work!

When have you been most inspired?

When I see strong neighbors put in the work to reach a goal for their communities. I LOVE supporting their ideas that become big changes!

How has INRC changed you?

In my own neighborhood I formed a neighborhood engagement committee that is now in its 3rd year and has 12 neighbors who meet monthly to plan fun community events. I truly believe INRC gave me the tools to make this committee successful. For that, my daughter will forever have childhood memories of food truck nights, Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunts, and Halloween Parties.

Can you tell me a little bit about the relationships and connections you have made during your time at INRC?

I have so many wonderful connections over the years. Recently I have really enjoyed working with the Mayor’s Neighborhoods Advocates as we support neighbors with initiating the permitting processes.

What is something that you are looking forward to (professionally/personally) as you depart from INRC?

As I think about my next adventure, I think about who I was in 2012 when I joined INRC’s team. I have learned so much that I know this next transition is something I am well prepared for.

Read more from staff about Sharon’s impact. 

“Sharon is a constant reminder to produce and offer quality services to our neighbors. Her servant leadership style as the Neighborhood Services Director has made a huge impact on how I will treat others in the workplace” – Terry Brooks-Allen, Training Manager 

“Sharon’s passion for community engagement can be felt as soon as she enters the room. Her encouragement is outstanding, and her leadership is unmatched. Job well done Sharon!” – Carlena Moses, Public Allies Indianapolis Program Manager 

Sharon wore many hats during her time at INRC.  No matter what she has done she has remained passionate for the mission of the organization, a steadfast team member, and a joy to work with.  She has provided constant experience and guidance that will continue to be impactful long after she leaves. – Kaitlin Blackie, Public Allies Indianapolis Program Manager 

I feel truly fortunate to have gotten to spend the last decade working with, and learning from Sharon. She truly embodies the spirit of equity, continuous learning, and servant leadership. Sharon has helped me grow both personally and professionally and I have watched her do the same for countless others, with empathy and accountability. Watching her grow on to other opportunities is hard but I am so thankful for the many years we spent supporting each other. – Olga Mogollón, Operations Manager